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Patch 6.0 Release date confirmed

That’s right all, we now know for definite that patch 6.0 is hitting on Wednesday the 15th of October!

This signals the 1 month before release, our final drive for recruitment and time to get settled as a team. We will have the item squish and skills change, as well as a level 90 UBRS dropping ilvl 650 gear. So lets get together, farm those Orcs, get used to the new play styles and kick some butt!



Arthran’s Streams

So, Up until the release of Warlords I shall be livestreaming my Beta playtesting on our normal raid nights. Hopefully this will give me a nice amount of information to be able to help the guild come launch. I am also doing Q & A and showing off whatever features you would like to see. So any requests, let me know and I will show you.

You can find my streams at http://twitch.tv/DevArthran So do me a favour and click follow on there, that way you’ll be alerted of when I go live!

Currently streaming Tuesday evening, Thursday evening and Sunday evening!


Insomnia 52

I will be at Insomnia 52 Gaming festival this weekend! Hopefully getting you some good developer interviews, Interesting game/tech footage and I will of course be Vlogging the whole weekend. Keep an eye out for me and I’ll give you updates as we go!



Release Date announced!

That’s right, we now know exactly when Warlords will hit: November the 13th!

This gives us just under 2 months to complete everything we want in Pandaria before 6.0, which is likely to hit mid October. I’r like to get recruitment finished off in that time, and get some raids going. Not that we’ll need the loot, more to give the team some time to settle in and get to know each other. What better way than by trial by fire?

As always, anyone know anyone who would suit our team, let me know. And if anyone wants to volunteer for any specific office jobs, also let me know!



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